Bred Press is an artist books, comics, and zine publishing house located in Chicago. Started by Brad Rohloff in 2014, it provides a platform by which to support contemporary artists working within the medium of printed and published matter. I love you.
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Bred Box #1 is out!!!

Bred Box #1 is a collected print suite of invited artists, published by Bred Press. 10 Offset Lithography prints contained in a screenprinted envelope. 

Bred Box #1’s Roster is Alabaster, Abe LampertAndy BurkholderBen MarcusDanielle ChenetteInés EstradaMichael OlivoNatali Koromotoand Nicole Ginelli!

Edition of 150. Prints are 10” x 15.75” and the envelope is 13” x 18”. Shipped flat.

Sales of the Bred Box help fund Bred Press directly. Each of the artists is receiving 50 of their own prints to sell and support themselves with, and if you want more than one (or just a single) of an individual print I implore you to purchase it from the artist directly when they make it available!

Available for Purchase at the Bred Press Online Store and on the Brohloff Webstore.

Thank you so much to the artists, and thank you.

Brad Rohloff 2014


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